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The quality of my product received was way better than expected.  Morati World did an amazing job, and they are my new favorite fashion brand! The jersey fit true to size and the print is SO vibrant! Also, I love the stitch quality and cap colors. Great product! 

Marco M.

I LOVE the Morati Chakra Sodalite yoga leggings! They are fashionable, comfortable and perfect for any type of workout.


I took a HOT YOGA class wearing my galaxy leggings to test the flexibility and the sweat, etc. And they are AMAZING. Zero smell after a hot yoga 32ºC class. They are super comfortable, they dry super fast:

Emily K

My Amethyst chakra yoga leggings turned out perfectly, very happy with the quality of the product and the print. Love the soft fabric when I stretch and the way they fit. 

Jennifer S.

My fanny packs is amazing!!!! The quality of print is perfect and the size of the fanny pack was as expected. I was also pleased with the length of the expandable straps for the waist. It is plus size friendly.

Kellie S.

about morati

“Morati rejuvenates people’s inner divine gods and goddess energies,” says Jacques. The iconic designer’s vision entails revolutionizing how people see each other when they get dressed for any occasion with no limits to how much creativity one can achieve through style.

Macho Jacques
CEO | Founder & Creative Director 
Morati™ | Streetwear Gods™

morati world streetwear official fashion urban online store
morati world streetwear official fashion urban online store

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morati women's fashion style trends
morati women's fashion style trends

The wizard of streetwear fashion: Macho Jacques

We Sell divine energy

“Morati World provides an unparalleled opportunity to help fashion lovers improve their lifestyles by manifesting powerful divine energy through our streetwear brand,”

“Everybody wants to feel like the deities in today’s global pandemic social world and embracing individuality is the key to gaining that level of confidence. Since true beauty arises from the moment people choose to be themselves,” says Morati brand founder, Macho Jacques.

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