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LIFE Style Fashion Brand ‘Morati World’ Is All About Being Bold

LIFE Style Fashion Brand ‘Morati World’ Is All About Being Bold

With Morati World‘s colorful and edgy designs, they are here “to revolutionize the creative way people see you in the fashion world” with their bold designs as they “bring creativity into your fashion lifestyle. A lot of fashion designers tend to intertwine their upbringings with their designs. Morati World’s founder Macho Jacques took that idea to a new level.

About Macho Jacques

Jacques was born in Miami, moved to Atlanta then relocated to Milwaukee, where he first started Morati World. His background in art has helped create the vision he wanted for his line. Although he received encouragement from his peers to start a line, his biggest motivation to start the brand was simple: everyone needs clothes.

What is special about Morati World?

Morati is a relatively new brand. It was founded in early 2019 with the basic idea of wanting people to create bold art statements through their designs. Jacques wanted to give graphic designers the opportunity to bring their designs into fashion. He also wants people to tap into their inner gods and goddesses through his designs. “What I’m trying to get people to understand … there’s a way where we can elevate people’s taste through making a statement through something that other people won’t have.”


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